About the Artist

Painting is, for me, a wonderful way to relax the body, mind and soul

       Jean Bonvini


Jean Bonvini is a Canadian artist who loves to paint in oils, using strong vibrant colours to capture the spectacular scenery of British Columbia, and the many beautiful images photographed on her travels.

She was born in London, England, where she studied many different forms of art and sculpture at the South East College of Art.

After graduating, Jean traveled the world, honing her skills and gathering material, until she eventually settled in Vancouver, British Columbia, in 1989.
FCA Active 2016

She is a Member of the Federation of Canadian Artists, and also a Member of the North Shore Artists Guild.

Jean's work has been featured in many shows across Canada, and also appears in private collections in England, Spain, Italy, Mexico, Seattle, Edmonton, and Toronto.

I was lucky enough to travel the world through my work - and to appreciate the different luminosity and hues of the Universe. The brilliant turquoise of the Mediterranean sea - purples, yellow, green and pinks of the tropical sunsets in Hawaii - the scorched deserts of Arizona and the unbelievable red earth of the Australian Outback.

Moving to Vancouver, Canada, I use my passion for painting and color to transport me back to those unforgettable memories - and to enjoy the beautiful scenery of British Columbia.


My Artwork was chosen to be in the Volume 4 Art Book - "Artist's of British Columbia" - which is distributed tovenues all across British Columbia.


I recently had the honor to be asked to be one of the Judges for the 2nd.Youth World Cup Live Painting Competion for 2013 for UNICEF - a wonderful organisation for raising funds for art supplies for children in poor countries around the world.


My Artwork - a painting of Devon, England, was chosen by MacDonald's Realty to be on their front cover of the 2012 front cover of the 2012 Calendar, and was distributed to over 10,000 venues across Vancouver and the Mainland.

I have shown my artwork in over forty Galleries and Venues in the Vancouver area in the past few years, and below are some of them:-